开心的经历每位常有,能够 是吃到朝思暮想的食物,还可以是开展一场轻松自由的旅游,可以是不懈努力迎战、总算获得的赛事,乃至能够 是购到自身心爱的护肤品.这种都能够是大伙说的內容.


Describe a happy experience you had before

You should say:

Where you were

When it happened

Who you were with

And explain why you felt happy


The happy experience I am going to tell you is that I had a buffet in a fancy restaurant in a five-star hotel, called Sheraton. The hotel is located on my way to work and the restaurant is on the ground floor with huge French windows. So now and then, when I went to work, I saw people sitting there and having delicious food.


I always wanted to try, but the food was a little expensive, a bit over my budget. I decided to save it for a special occasion, my 25th birthday. On June 2nd, I invited my best friend, who is my roommate, to have dinner with me there. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. We made a seat reservation through the hotel’s website so that we could get a table by the window and enjoy the views outside.

我一直都想试着一下,但那的吃的有点儿贵,略微超过我的费用预算.我打算把它留在文章内容来源于麦考瑞雅思独特的场所,我27岁的生辰.6月2号,我邀约我好朋友,也是我的室友,一起到那边用餐.人们事前根据酒店餐厅的网址预订了坐位,以保证人们有靠窗户的部位,能够 见到外边的风景.

The food was even beyond my expectation. The dining hall was divided into four sections according to the food’s origin. There are various sushis, sashimi, shrimps and fish from Japan, fried rice, roasted meat and tom yum goong from Thailand, steamed snacks from China, and steaks and ribs from the west. Every dish was delicious. I kept eating until I felt my stomach would burst if I had taken one more bite. I felt so satisfied and if I had the chance, I would definitely go there again.


Part 3 增加难题

What is the relationship between money and happiness?

Do you think money is important?

Do most Chinese people think that money is important?

What do you do to make yourself happy?

Why are children generally happier than adults?

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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Describe something have happened recently make you happy

You should say:

What it is

Where it happened

With whom


Last Friday, I attended the “Last Bell” ceremony of my school.

“The Last Bell” is an event that Grade 11 students prepare for Grade 12 students which happens on their Last Day of school.

And during then, a nostalgic feeling pumped into my heart , making me remember, how we, as 11 graders spent a month organizing and preparing the last bell for our fellow Grade 12 students.

Despite the hard work ( it included days of crafting,drawing masks, coloring, making a castle ceiling from a mere white cotton ,making Tutus, photoshopping…),those days of preparation were so fun!

Luckily we had figured out that the number of the boys and girls in that time were equal so we came up with the Princess theme where each girl gets to be a princess and has a prince ( based on their resemblance to the character).

We designed their classes as a Castle Dinning room and a Castle Prison.

Let's admit it. The hardest part was shadow coloring that Snow White's mirror…And this was the hallway of the school, in a Disney Castle Theme. Then, we sent them by the school bus to the nearest Hotel where each got a room just to wear their Tutu princess dresses . We were against doing the ceremony in school, as they do there everyday. We wanted somewhere different, somewhere where it's related to a Castle.

And here you go, the Unmayyad ruins of Anjar, a historic place which is a UNESCO world heritage center.

But how could we get the whole school there?We came up with the solution of them playing Rally Paper in town, where the final destination would be the Unmayyad Ruins of Anjar.

There , we had prepared them some games ( finding the treasure , water wars, asking them how much they knew about their characters…)before cutting the cake. And they loved everything!

That's me on the right.Just got in time for the picture.

Needless to say, school days were the best!

I want a time-machine….NOW!

雅思口语Part 3难题

Do rich people more happier than poor people?

Do people happy when they do their work?

If a people was poor at first then suddenly become wealth, will he become happy?

What makes people more happy during their work, high salaries or something?

Do you enjoy work?

Do you think money makes people happy and why

Why many rich people feel unhappy

Why many people don’t like their jobs

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Describe a day that made you happy

You should say

Where you were

Who you were with

What you did

And explain why it made you happy


The experience I am going to tell you is that I went surfing with my best friend. Although we have never gone to the same school or lived in the same community, we have known each other from a very early age. This is because our mothers are close friends and they often visit each other, which gives us plenty of opportunities to get familiar.


It was nine months ago. We traveled to the Gold Coast in Australia, where the climate is mild and the temperature remains stable throughout the year. This article is from Laokaoya website. It is said to be the surfer’s paradise with waves suitable for both beginners and experts. The moment we arrived at the beach, we bought surfing boards and tried to figure out how to surf.


However, it was not that easy as it looked. We kept falling into the sea and got choked several times. Eventually, we gave up. We found a professional surfer from the training school to teach us. He showed us how to stand on the board and how to use our feet and waist to control the direction. After 20 minutes’ training, we could surf for a while by ourselves.


It was a wonderful experience to ride on the wave, you know, feeling the wind against my face and enjoying the admiration of others on the beach. I really like this sport.


Part 3增加难题

Are modern people happier than those living in the past?

Who do you like to have celebrations with? Friends or families?

Can money make people happy?

Why are some people unhappy nowadays?

发表于 2020-03-22
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